Right here, this is one of my favourite things on this website. Probably because I invested so much in it. So many hours, so much learning. So many missteps made right. 

Although I’m a professional writer and marketing strategist and a pretty smart cookie, with my own business I initially made all the mistakes I counsel my clients against. I toiled over my very first homepage and website. Like a lot of us self-employed people, I didn’t then have the money to bring in an outside expert, a fresh set of objective eyes. Now, it was well-written enough (I didn’t mess everything up) but all those carefully chosen words were designed to offer the widest welcome in the broadest sense. I wanted to make my services and myself available to anyone who needed a hand. Small business owners and sole proprietors, we’re generous like that.

 And I got lots of responses. People quickly began calling. Which was nice, right? Except for one thing: not all of them wanted to pay for my services. Many wanted to negotiate pricing. Some, well, we’re all friends here – I can tell you that some of these folks just weren’t doing things that inspired me. They weren’t fun to work with. They made work feel like…. work.

I was beat. Tired. And a little bit ticked off. And I rewrote my homepage. Ticked-offness is really good, I find, for trying something different. I added new sections of content, and deleted others. And things got better.  A lot better.




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Hi, just thought I would like to confirm the excellent buying experience that I encountered from UVSOLUTIONZ. First of all there was the user friendly; simplistic; idiot proof ordering procedure, which was fast and easy. Secondly, there was the unbelievably efficient delivery service. I ordered the required products at approximately mid-day Wednesday, and it arrived by PROFESSIONAL COURIER at 11am the next day. Unfortunately I cannot comment on the printer that I ordered as it is a Christmas present, and will not be getting used for a few weeks. However if it is comparable with the rest of the experience, then I cannot see any cause for concern.”

Mr Peter Mac

“If you are in the market for a PC, UV is well worth considering as its prices are good and we were very impressed witht the speed and quality of service.”


Just a quick E-mail to say thanks for such a quick service in regards to my order for a Dell 1320c laser printer, it arrived today and was soon up and running. Very happy with the print quality too and at such a good price, my inkjet has already gone out for the rubbish.”

Darren Smart

UVSOLUTIONZ. offers a unique combination of design and programming experience that complements the conceptual work we like to concentrate on. Whether we need a brand to be extended onto the screen, or a technical back-end to be built to support our content, UVSOLUTIONZ is equipped to handle the task, quickly & efficiently.


UVSOLUTIONZ. execute the design of a site exactly the way it is provided, or suggest ways to improve navigation, usability and scalability. Is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend the company to graphic designers who want a High end plotter, the way they envision it.


We came to UVSOLUTIONZ with a vision for our COMPANY IT REQUIREMENTS, you listened, that vision with your constructive criticism and insight, produced a very attractive Deal! We hear nothing but positive comments! So again, THANK YOU!

connection graphics

I Approach UVSOLUTIONZ for all of my Rental printers. Team is well qualified and have incredible level of professionalism. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to expand in this HORIZON.